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The Attributes of God (2004-5)
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The recording quality of this series isn't great; I was using a small mp3 player to record.

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01 The importance of knowing God (Recording failed halfway through - sorry)
02 The benefits of Knowing God
03 Your God is like No-one else
04 Your God is Eternal
05 Your God never changes
06 The Faithfulness of God
07 The Goodness of God - partial recording
08 The Power of God
09 Your God Knows
10 Your God is Wise
11 Your God Reigns
12 Your God Provides
14 Your God Loves
17 Your God Judges
18 Your God is wrathful
19 Your God is Near

Download a booklet to go with the Attributes of God series. The booklet is set up with the pages to be printed back to back and stapled, otherwise the pages wont make much sense!