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This coming week in Letterkenny we’ve a team of young people working with us at New Life Fellowship. One of the things we’ll be doing is distributing a magazine called Already several different churches have been distributing it in different parts of the county, so you may have come across it.

There’s a number of interesting articles in it. Dr Stephen McAuley writes on the topic of suicide. Sadly there are, on average, approximately 13 suicides per week in Ireland. How can we help? What should we say? Dr McAuley, who is no stranger to Donegal having spoken here several times on related topics, gives practical and helpful advice.

Another article that caught my eye was the story of a man who had struggled with various addictions, including pornography and alcohol. These are major issues for Irish society, yet they are symptomatic of a deeper problem which requires a deeper solution. The writer tells of how he found freedom.

Perhaps you’re interested in Angels, maybe even read the best-seller
Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne. There’s a piece which looks at what the Bible has to say about Angels, about the Angel-maker, and how we can have a correct focus.

What about the afterlife? Is there a Heaven, how do you get there, is there really a Hell? Much of what people believe is more fancy and sentiment than fact. But what are the facts? If there is life after death, surely this is something we need to take an interest in.

The recession should make us rethink our priorities, but how? Is it enough to simply streamline our lives, or is God trying to say something else to us?

Why not have a read? A number of free resources are offered and if you would like any of them, or if you have any questions and want to discuss them, please feel free to get in touch.

But if you don’t get a copy of the magazine in the next couple of weeks and would like one, give me a call or an email, and we’ll get one to you.