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Whirlwind tour of the Bible

Have you bought a Bible recently? I was talking to Bobby from the Open Door bookshop, and he was saying that there has been an increase in the sale of Bibles over the last 6 months. Apparently it’s not just the Open Door bookshop either, Amazon report an increase in Bible sales also.

That’s great! However, in my experience, there is a vast gulf between buying a Bible and reading it. That’s not to say that people don’t have good intentions. But what usually happens is that they start at Genesis, enjoy it, and half way through the second book, Exodus, the going gets tough, and then they grind to a slow bewildered halt somewhere near the start of Leviticus. The Bible is then put up on a shelf, with shake of the head and a “What was I thinking?”.

Part of the problem is that the Bible is a library of 66 books, not simply one book. And so to start in and read from the beginning is like walking into a library and starting to read from the left hand side round to the right. It can be done, but it is hard going. You don’t need some secret key to understand a library, but what is useful is a librarian who can take you and show you how to use a library. Once we get our bearings we are freer to enjoy what is on offer.

The same is true of the Bible—it’s not as if there is a magic secret to understanding it, but it makes it easier if someone can show you your way around. What’s the main plotline? Who’s who? How does it all fit together? Does it all fit together? Where should I start?

When we know these we will find ourselves freer to enjoy what is on offer.

If that’s you and you want to find out more come along on Sunday 28
th when I’ll be giving a whirlwind tour of the Bible entitled “Getting the Big Picture”. Come and get your bearings and find out answers to some of those questions. The talk starts at 8pm in the Day Centre off Oliver Plunkett Road, and there will be opportunity for questions.