Our focus as a church is on worship, teaching and friendship. Much else goes on, but that is the heart of our life. We want to develop a hunger and thirst for the living God, and a delight at being part of his family. For this reason, we try to keep church life simple; we assume that godly homes are more likely to be built if people are at home most nights rather than run ragged by various church functions.

These are the times of our weekly meetings.

Morning worship - 10:15 - 11:30 am
Evening worship - 8:00 pm

Bible discussion - 8:00 pm

On Sunday mornings you’ll find us in the in the Day centre off Oliver Plunkett Road. Click here for directions

Sunday evenings (except the 1st in the month happen at 72 Glenoughty Close)

Tuesday evening’s bible discussion is in the homes of members - please contact us for details.